Establishing a New York-based Ecommerce Business Selling Products Made in India

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Daniel H. Weberman
March 7, 2024

Client Background: Client, a first-time founder, wanted to form a New York business for her ecommerce startup. The business focused on selling goods manufactured in India. This required comprehensive legal advice on foreign tax considerations, employment issues, and the overall setup of the business structure.

Case Overview: Daniel was retained to provide strategic legal counsel to Client, navigating the complexities associated with launching an ecommerce platform with international operations. The key focus areas included addressing foreign tax considerations, structuring the business for optimal efficiency, and advising on employment-related matters.

Key Tasks & Solutions:

  1. Business Formation in New York
    1. Entity Selection: Daniel worked closely with Client to determine the most suitable legal structure for the ecommerce business in the context of New York regulations and the international nature of its operations. An S Corporation for the client upon thorough review of Client’s complete tax liability analysis. This involved considerations of liability, taxation, and ease of management.
    2. Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring compliance with New York state laws and regulations, Daniel assisted in the proper filing and documentation required for the business formation.
    3. Concession Requests: Daniel strategically presented concession requests to the landlord, focusing on key areas such as lease duration, rent escalations, and flexibility for potential modifications to the space.
  2. Foreign Tax Considerations
    1. Analysis of International Tax Implications: Given the nature of the ecommerce business dealing with goods from India, Daniel conducted a thorough analysis of the foreign tax considerations, including import/export duties, sales taxes, and potential implications on the business's bottom line.
    2. Strategic Tax Planning: Daniel developed a tailored tax planning strategy to minimize the impact of international taxes on the business's profitability while ensuring compliance with relevant tax laws.
  3. Employment Issues
    1. Employee Contracts and Compliance: Recognizing the importance of a well-structured team for the success of the ecommerce venture, Daniel assisted in drafting employment contracts that complied with both New York labor laws and applicable international regulations in India.
    2. Remote Work Considerations: As the business involved remote work for employees in different locations, Daniel provided guidance on legal considerations and best practices for managing a dispersed workforce.


With Daniel’s guidance, Client successfully established her ecommerce business in New York, effectively navigating the legal landscape associated with international operations. The business structure was optimized for efficiency and compliance with both New York and international regulations. Comprehensive tax planning and employment-related advice contributed to a solid foundation for the business, allowing Client to focus on growing her ecommerce shop for goods made in India. This case exemplifies the value of legal counsel in mitigating risks and ensuring a smooth launch for a first-time founder in a complex business environment.

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