Strategic Lease Negotiation for a First-Time Franchisee

Daniel H. Weberman New York Business Attorney Portrait
Daniel H. Weberman
March 7, 2024

Client Background: Client, a first-time franchisee, approached Daniel H. Weberman, Attorney at Law, seeking assistance in reviewing and negotiating the terms of a commercial lease. Facing initially challenging and lengthy lease terms, the client was apprehensive and sought Daniel's experience to secure more favorable conditions. The project concluded with the client obtaining concessions from the landlord, leading to a highly satisfied outcome.

Case Overview: Daniel undertook the task of reviewing and negotiating a commercial lease on behalf of Client, a first-time franchisee. Recognizing the client's concerns about the harsh terms, Daniel navigated the negotiation process with the landlord to secure concessions that would better align with the client's needs and expectations.

Key Tasks & Solutions:

  1. Comprehensive Lease Review
    1. Client Consultation: Daniel conducted thorough consultations with Client to understand their specific concerns, priorities, and business requirements related to the commercial space. Lease Terms Analysis: Daniel meticulously reviewed the commercial lease agreement, identifying clauses that were potentially unfavorable or posed challenges for the first-time franchisee. Negotiation with the Landlord:
    2. Strategic Communication: Daniel initiated communication with the landlord to discuss the client's concerns and negotiate more favorable lease terms. This involved articulating the client's needs and proposing alternative solutions that would benefit both parties.
    3. Concession Requests: Daniel strategically presented concession requests to the landlord, focusing on key areas such as lease duration, rent escalations, and flexibility for potential modifications to the space.
  2. Client Satisfaction & Concessions Obtained
    1. Client Collaboration: Throughout the negotiation process, Daniel collaborated closely with Client, keeping them informed of progress and seeking their input on key negotiation points. Concessions Secured: Daniel successfully obtained concessions from the landlord, resulting in more favorable terms for Client. These concessions addressed the client's initial apprehensions and created a lease agreement that better suited the franchisee's business needs.
  3. Efficient Project Timeline
    1. Timely Execution: Recognizing the importance of a swift resolution for Client, Daniel executed the project with efficiency, achieving the desired outcome in less than two weeks.
    2. Client Collaboration: Throughout the process, Daniel collaborated closely with Client, keeping them informed of progress and seeking their input on key strategic decisions.


Through Daniel's strategic negotiation efforts, Client, the first-time franchisee, secured significant concessions from the landlord, resulting in a commercial lease agreement that better aligned with the client's expectations and business goals. The collaboration between Daniel and the client underscores the value of legal expertise in navigating complex lease negotiations, particularly for individuals entering the franchising space. This case study highlights the successful outcome of the negotiation process, leaving the client highly satisfied with the final lease terms.

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